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6 things to do to fall in love with your body - EU MARIEMUR

6 things to do to fall in love with your body

Disclaimer: this article is not to be considered any form of professional help. If you struggle with psychological issues, please, seek therapy with a psychologist.

Let’s be honest. We all struggle with our body image. Just think of it — models, whom most of us consider some kind of an embodiment of a “perfect” body, struggle to love their looks. Angelina Jolie and Anne Hathaway — two of the most beautiful women in the world — said numerous times how they were struggling to accept their bodies and faces. 

Everyone has issues with accepting their bodies. It’s caused by all those photoshopped unrealistic models we are shown through media. And heavy makeup and filters beauty bloggers use don’t make things any better.

We’re telling you all that to help you understand that it’s okay to have issues with your body image. It’s normal. Yet, it doesn’t mean that we should do nothing about it. We need to remember that it’s normal to struggle to love our looks every day all day to stop feeling ashamed for not accepting our bodies all the time. Once that shame is gone, it’s easier to learn how to actually be in peace with your looks.

These exercises are quite intuitive and straightforward. Yet, they’re very effective. Try practicing one of them at least once a day, and you’ll see results soon.

Remind yourself that you are you

It means that you’re not that model or actress you saw. There is no point in comparing yourself to other people merely because they are, well, other people. Not you. It’s a job of a model — to look the way she looks. She invests her days into it. You are not working as a model, so it’s just not your job. You’re following your own way in life. And taking care of your looks by working out and eating well is just a part of your daily routine — not the main priority. 

So just get off your own back. You have other priorities in life — your career, family, friends, pets, whatever is on your plate. It’s good to take care of your body. But there is no need to get obsessed with it.

Use affirmations

Affirmations might feel weird in the beginning. But they work. Choose the phrases you like such as “I love my body and myself” and tell them to yourself every day. You can focus on certain parts of your body to make it easier. Remind yourself that you’re worthy of everything you want. Eventually, affirmations that felt unnatural will become your truth.

Focus on your personal qualities

We’re not just our bodies. We are humans — complex beings with a unique world inside our minds. When we focus on improving our knowledge, personality, expanding our views, we tend to stop caring that much about our looks. It happens so because eventually, the way we look becomes unimportant. What remains truly valuable is who we are as a person. Dive into learning about things you find fascinating and doing whatever makes you feel great. It will give you new reasons to be proud of yourself. The next thing you know, you utterly love yourself.

Learn your body

We tend to focus on our disadvantages. It makes us blind to all the positive things we have. Each body is unique and has its own features. Learn your body through looking at it from different angles and finding things you like. Learn your body through moving and working out to find out how it can perform. You’re one-of-a-kind and that’s the best thing ever.

Learn to love what your body can do

Our bodies serve us daily — it carries us around, works its muscles, thinks with its brain, processes food, and sends signals. The body dances, breathes, laughs, dreams, loves — the list is endless. Learn to love what your body can do because it’s the reason why you feel pleasure, happiness, and other positive emotions. Be thankful for it without any criticism.

Surround yourself with people who accept themselves

We easily get infected with the emotions of others. So if people around you love their bodies and accept themselves the way they are, you’ll start falling in love with yourself, too. People that are critical of their appearance make us be critical about ourselves. That’s why it’s better to stay close to those who are happy about their looks. 

Acknowledge your uniqueness and remind yourself of all the things you like about yourself. You’re not alone in this journey! So don’t lose motivation to learn to love your body and yourself. We believe that you will reach utter love!

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