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How to feel undoubtedly confident wearing just lingerie

How to be confident in lingerie — that’s the question many of us have on the mind. Read our article to find out some useful tips that will help you feel self-assured no matter what you’re wearing (or not wearing for that matter).

How to feel undoubtedly confident wearing just lingerie

Did you ever look at someone’s photo in a bikini or a lingerie set and thought, “Wow, how come they feel so confident?” Yeah, we did that, too.

There are two answers to this question. The first one is that you can’t be sure they’re truly feeling self-assured. Many people can fake confidence quite well. And that’s not a bad thing, to be honest. As they say, fake it ‘till you make it, right? 

The second answer is — you don’t know how they learned to be confident in lingerie or bikini. And they did learn that. And that was a tough job to do. Everyone has body image issues. Those superheroes who don’t must’ve walked a long journey to love themselves unconditionally. So let’s figure out how to learn to love yourself utterly. And then it will be easy to be confident in lingerie and anything you’re wearing (or not wearing, for that matter).

How to be more confident in lingerie — when alone

It’s crucial to learn to be more confident in lingerie when no one sees you. Why is it important? Because you just can’t feel self-assured when someone is looking at you until you’ve reached peace with your looks. And that can be done only if you’re alone.

The first step would be to understand that everyone has certain concerns and body image issues. And women often struggle with this problem more because of all the social pressure we have in life. Once you accept that you’re not the only one learning how to be more confident in lingerie, it will be easier to leave doubts behind.

Now, slide into your favorite lingerie set. And for the love of gods, don’t look down at yourself! We all do that and that’s the biggest mistake. We don’t look the way we see ourselves when we look down at our bodies. And even a person with the flattest stomach might think that they have a belly because this angle and body pose distort the proportions.

Look at yourself in the mirror. Just make sure the light is right — sometimes light makes shadows more pronounced thus focusing our attention on things we don’t like about ourselves. Take your time posing and pay attention to features you like about your gorgeous self. The more you focus on things you like, the less pronounced will become anything you consider a disadvantage. 

Try playing with panties — maybe pull them a bit up or down. And saying that, we need to note that you might not like yourself in lingerie because you choose designs that don’t really suit you. If you don’t feel confident about your stomach, go for high-waisted panties, for example. It’s not about hiding certain parts of your body. It’s about highlighting features you like so that you are not distracted by anything else.




It’s not easy to build confidence, but you can do it. Remember things you like about yourself and try paying more attention to them when you look at yourself. Soon enough, any details you disliked will become way less important to you. Everyone has flaws, and that’s what makes us uniquely beautiful!

How to be confident in lingerie — with a partner

Once you can be confident in lingerie when you’re alone, you can work on your self-esteem when your partner is around. Here is a useful truth to remember — your partner already has picked you for who you are and what you look like. They love you and your looks. So there is no reason for you to feel discomfort wearing just lingerie in front of them.

However, we all know how our brains work… So let’s practice feeling confident in lingerie when someone sees you.

First things first, remember noticing features you like about yourself. Did it feel good? We bet it did! Now, guess what. Your partner — and other people, too — will notice those features as well. And quite likely, they won’t even notice those details you feel shy about. Relax and look how they admire you! 

Also, you can ask your partner to list things they like about you. And don’t hesitate to ask them to repeat those things again, and again, and again. Until you feel absolutely confident. Just don’t forget to thank them for nice words and say some compliments in return. The next thing you know, besides you two getting more confident, your relationship becomes warmer, too.

While we’re trying to have a positive outlook here, we should remember that some people take pleasure in criticizing others. It’s called gaslighting, and you can read about it in our article on abuse. If your partner constantly takes you down by making unpleasant comments about you and your appearance in particular, maybe you should go away from this relationship. Because in this case, you’re a victim of psychological abuse.

Finally, do what makes you feel better about yourself — maybe that’s working out, or painting, or taking care of your pets, or anything else. Focus on feeling good, and then any concerns about yourself will become less important.

Do you have any other tips on how to feel more confident in lingerie? Share them in the comments!

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