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What women can do to feel more confident?

In our previous articles, we’ve discussed what is confidence and which factors make women feel inferior. We could see that it’s a mix of an impact of the society and our own thoughts and expectations of ourselves. And we’ve mentioned that while it’s hard to change the world, we can work with the way we think of ourselves. 

In this article, we will take a look at methods that can help us become more confident. These approaches are some kind of a counteract to that negative impact of society we’ve talked about before. 

We also want to say that these methods are not professional. We just wanted to tell you about things that make us feel more confident. And we thought that if these actions helped us, they could be useful for you, too. Also, since we’ve tested them on ourselves, we can be sure they can really work.


Long story short, we have to take it easier on ourselves. And that must be the hardest thing to do. But once we let go of our expectations, judgment, and fears we have for ourselves, we will feel happier. It is a nice place to start the journey towards being confident. Here is how to do that.

Learn to see ourselves through the eyes of those who love us

Our family, partners, and friends constantly tell us how great we are. Sometimes they might even point out exact things that make us so awesome. And that’s what we should hold on to. You can try to listen more carefully to all those compliments you get, and then write them down. Let this constantly growing list become your reminder that you’re an amazing creature.

Learn to love ourselves

It’s very hard to do, but the result is worth the effort. Remember, how you treat your loved one, family, and close friends — all the affection and support you gift them. Don’t you think you deserve to get the same attitude from yourself? Try to gather all the loving actions you take toward others and mirror them onto yourself. It might feel weird in the beginning, but that’s only because you’re not used to it. Eventually, being caring and attentive to yourself will lead you to unconditional self-love.

Learn to love our bodies

We should stop comparing ourselves to others simply because we are not them. We were born with different bodies. And the best thing is that despite what is the current trendy image of an ideal body, there always are quite a lot of people who will be absolutely crazy exactly about the shapes we have because everyone’s taste is different. So while we might have some ideal we’re aiming at — and there is nothing bad in moving towards it for as long and it doesn’t harm our health — we should learn to love our bodies in their current state. 

Once we step away from any idealistic images and expectations we have on our minds, once we stop being too hard on ourselves, we will begin feeling more self-assured. This will let us feel more powerful and achieve things we’re dreaming of thus becoming even more confident. Then we’ll find ourselves living a complete life free of fears or self-doubt. And that’s what we should strive for.

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