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Guide: how to wear Milena Leather Set

We tend to get many questions about putting on and wearing our leather accessories. So we decided to create guides for our harnesses and garters. We will show you in detail how to put on your leather accessories by Marie Mur correctly so that they serve you a long time. 

In this guide, we will talk about the Milena leather set.

Milena is one of our most feminine and elegant leather sets. It comes in four colorways: classic black, thrilling red, soft pink, and dreamy blue. Yet, only Milena in black features a bra harness. So we will use it for our guide to give you a full understanding of how to put on this set correctly.

How to wear the Milena set?

  • When you need to add a twist to your outfit
  • When you want to spoil your partner with your looks
  • When you feel the desire to wear Milena!

Now, we will show you how to put on Milena properly so that it serves you well. 


Looks are not everything. Always put your health first! Mind your feelings when you fasten straps — they shouldn’t be too tight. Otherwise, they might prevent normal blood flow. And stay aware of your body when trying new poses with fixations that come with this Milena leather set. Everyone’s bodies are different, so always listen to yours.

What does the Milena leather set consist of?

A leather bra

Elegant thin straps create an appealing frame for your chest and entwine your neck with a choker. Your nipples remain covered for the mysterious and bewitching image.

Leather garters

Designed to let you look absolutely delicious from any angle, Milena garters offer a panty-like fit. We’re sure you’ll put its detail on the back that mirrors the shape of a quadruple fixation.

Leather handcuffs

Crafted from thin and soft yet rather durable real Italian leather, handcuffs from the Milena set will finish your look and give you an opportunity to put those fixations to good use.

Double fixations

These fixations are handcrafted from the same high-quality leather the Milena set is made of and nickel-plated hardware. They’re durable enough to handle the action.

Putting on the Milena leather set

Thin straps require some attention when you put them on. Let’s begin with the bra.

Step 1. Unfasten the chest and neck straps completely so that you can wrap them over your body instead of trying to pass your head through the bra.

Step 2. Wrap the neck strap around your neck and fasten it carefully. You should be able to breathe, rotate your head, and swallow freely without the leather restraining these movements.

Step 3. Wrap the chest strap around your ribcage and fasten it. Again, you should be able to move and breathe, so don’t fasten it too tightly.

Step 4. Adjust the length of straps that come down from the neck over your collarbones so that the bra fits you well.

Now, when the bra is on, it’s time for garters.

Step 1. Unfasted the waist strap completely so that you can later wrap it around your waist. 

Step 2. Step into thighs belts and carefully pull garters holding them by the waist strap. If the belts are too tight to pass up your legs freely, loosen or even unfasten them completely. Don’t try to pull the garters on if they feel too tight!

Step 3. Fasten the waist belt so that it fits you well. Don’t make it too tight for you so that you don’t feel uncomfortable. The strap shouldn’t cut into your body.

Step 4. Fasten or adjust the thigh belts so that they fit your thighs allowing you to move and sit down freely.

Now you know how to put on this set correctly. It’s time to put it to some action and create vivid unforgettable memories! Set your imagination free and allow Milena to bring you lots of vivid memories you’ll savor. 

Oh, and we’ll be happy to see your looks in the Milena set! Share your photos with us at @mariemur if you want to be featured.

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