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Guide: how to wear Poppy Leather Set

We tend to get many questions about putting on and wearing our leather accessories. So we decided to create guides for our harnesses and garters.

We will show you in detail how to put on your leather accessories by Marie Mur correctly so that they serve you a long time. Also, we will illustrate some ideas on how to use these exciting sets to sparkle your imagination.And we’ll start our journey with Poppy leather set.Poppy is one of our timeless leather sets. And it’s definitely one of the cherished favorites for our Marie Mur kittens. Poppy comes with exciting fixations and has many rings and half-rings. 

When to wear the Poppy leather set?

  • When you want to complete your look with some leather accessories
  • When you want to set the mood for your sensual evening
  • Whenever you feel like wearing Poppy!

Now, let us show you how to put on Poppy.


Don’t forget that your health is more important than aesthetics! Be careful when fastening straps on leather accessories. They shouldn’t feel too tight preventing the normal blood flow. Also, stay mindful of the capabilities of your body when trying out new ways to use fixations that come with the Poppy set. Some positions might be inconvenient or even harmful.

The components of the Poppy leather set

A leather bra

Minimalistic yet bold, the Poppy bra is absolutely timeless. Its bulkiness makes you look even more feminine and gentle creating an appealing look.

Leather garters

Created to emphasize your waist and hips, Poppy garters will entwine your body with soft leather straps. Notice all the rings — they might give you some ideas.

Leather handcuffs

As a part of the Poppy set, handcuffs can be either your audacious bracelets that adorn your wrists or a playful accessory that will be handy when you want to use fixations.

Double fixations

Made of leather and nickel-plated hardware, these fixations can handle virtually any activity you put them through. 

Even though Poppy is a set, you can freely wear some parts separately or combine pieces as you like. It’s all up to you!

How to put on the Poppy leather set

Garters are the trickiest part, so let’s begin with them.  

Step 1: Unfasten the waist belt and upper thigh belts completely so that you can wrap them around your body later.

Step 2: Carefully step into lower thigh belts and gently pull up garters holding them by the waist belt.

Step 3: Fasten the waist belt so that it fits you well but doesn’t squeeze your waist. It should feel comfortable.

Step 4: Fasten thigh belts so that they entwine your legs closely but not too tight, Belts shouldn’t cause discomfort when you walk.

Step 5: Adjust the belts so that garters fit you perfectly. You can adjust all the straps to choose the best width and length of belts.

The Poppy bra is effortless to put on.

 Step 1: Unfasten the horizontal belt completely so that you can wrap it around your body.

Step 2: Put your arms through the bra just as you would do with your usual bra.

Step 3: Fasten the horizontal belt. Make sure it is not too tight so that you can breathe freely.

Step 4: Adjust the belts so that the bra fits you well. You can adjust all the straps to be sure Poppy feels comfortable. 

Now you know how to put on this set correctly. It’s time to put it to some action and create vivid unforgettable memories! Set your imagination free and allow Poppy to bring you lots of vivid memories you’ll savor. 

 Oh, and we’ll be happy to see your looks in the Poppy set! Share your photos with us at @mariemur if you want to be featured.


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