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How to be more relaxed? Self-care talk: ways to recharge and avoid a burnout

Do you want to understand how to be more relaxed? Here are simple yet effective things you can do to reduce daily stress and avoid burnout to live a happy and fulfilled life. They really work, we tested!

Self-care talk: ways to recharge and avoid burnout

Let’s be honest. We all want to figure out how to be a more relaxed person. Life nowadays tends to get quite busy. Yet, even if we don’t have to be in a rush, we still face a lot of stressful things. Hated by many, 2020 has shown us that we can be rather stressed even if we can work from home, and we don’t really need to be anywhere. 

The universe will always find new challenging things for us, and that’s not a bad thing. Challenges and stress make us evolve, become better versions of ourselves. However, if we’re exposed to too much pressure, it becomes a harmful thing that negatively impacts both our mental and physical health. That’s why we need to know how to reduce stress if we can’t just escape it.


Let’s learn how to be a more relaxed person

We’re sure you know some of the things that can relieve stress. So let’s get them out of the way first. Here are the most basic stress-reducing activities you should implement in your daily life:

  • Sports. Yeah, we know. You’ve heard about the importance of physical activity a million times. So here another mention to add to your collection. We need to move our bodies to stay less stressed. Even a 30-minute walk can make a difference.
  • Take time for yourself. Give yourself at least 20 minutes per day of no interruptions from other people, no notifications, nothing. Just you and whatever you want to do to unwind.
  • Less screen time. Ugh, this again? Yeah. Screens make us stressed in many ways. Maybe, it’s negative news or those annoying insta posts that show a “perfect” life of someone else. But it’s not just about the information. During screentime, we don’t control our posture much. We tend to put too much pressure on our shoulders and neck — and that’s one of the ways to getting stressed from physical tension.
  • Get a massage. A no-brainer, right? Once you’re physically relaxed, you will feel more relaxed mentally, too. Treat yourself to a massage session at least two times per month.

Now, let’s take a look at more complex ways to reduce stress.

Create the environment you love

It’s important that we like the place where we spend most of our time. For many of us, it’s our homes and offices. Take your time to decorate your home the way you like it if you haven’t yet. In this case, everything matters — from curtains in your bedroom to plates and towels you use. Once as many things as possible are the way you like them, the place where you live truly becomes your home. If you got back to your place and found yourself sigh in relief once you’re there, it means you’ve reached a goal of creating a real home.

The same goes for the office. While we can’t change most things there, we should try changing as much as possible. Maybe, bring a plant you like to put on your desk. Or grab along that tea you enjoy drinking.

Why is it important to pay so much attention to our daily environment? Because things we dislike annoy us, even though we might not notice that. These tiny irritations add up causing our stress level to go higher. And we don’t need that.



Write down things that make you feel better

It might be a bath with some Epsom salts or a meditation session. It might be dancing and singing along to your favorite song. It might be putting on lingerie and admiring yourself. Whatever makes you carefree and relaxed — write it down and turn to this list regularly. Try doing one pleasing thing for yourself once a day or at least every other day. And you’ll see that your stress level goes down simply because you balance out bad things with good ones.


Spend time with friends

Trusting relationships and social interactions with people can significantly reduce stress. When you share your worries with another person, you instantly feel better. And if they show sympathy or even give you some valuable advice — you will definitely become less stressed. 

Note that if you started thinking about how to be more relaxed in social situations while reading this tip, it means that you are thinking about the wrong people right now. When you’re spending time with those who truly are your friends — meaning, they accept and support you — you don’t worry about what they think. You are just yourself with them.


Accept that stress will always be there

The main secret of how to be more relaxed is to accept that you will always be exposed to some level of stress. Sometimes, it will be mild, sometimes it will be intense. There will be days when you feel great, and there will be days when it feels like the whole world is against you. And that’s okay. You need to find peace with the fact that stress is a part of our lives.

Learn to notice good things about stress. It makes us move forward. It gives us purpose. It forces us to overcome challenges and become more fulfilled and confident. Without stress, we get bored, we lose the reasons to do anything. So a completely stressless life is not something we truly want.


Spend time in nature

It’s proven to be relaxing to spend time around nature. Even if you can’t travel to a less urban location, it will be nice to just go to your local park and sit there for a while admiring the feeling and sight of nature. 

Some more tips for better work-life balance

Usually, we’re stressed because we’re overworking. Most of us let work eat into our free time so that we end the day feeling exhausted and unsatisfied because we did nothing besides work. Here are some tips for a better work-life balance.




Create a schedule

Plan not just your work task but your free time, too. If you can’t come up with activities for your time off, just plan the exact hour when you stop working. And follow this schedule religiously. It will help you to do two things at once. First of all, you will reduce procrastination because the time for work becomes limited. And secondly, it will be easier to actually stop working once the set hour arrives. It might feel weird, but think of this — we usually have a set hour when we have to start working. So why are we following it responsibly while being so careless about the hour when we are supposed to stop working? 


Take breaks

A break from work means that you stop working and start doing something completely different for a while. Typing answers to your colleagues is not a break. But playing a bit of your favorite video game or taking a walk is. 


Our job is not our whole life

This “be as productive as possible” mentality is unhealthy, and we all start finally realizing it. The main tip for a better work-life balance is to remember that your life is more than your profession. You have friends, family, and most importantly — yourself. 


Final thoughts on how to be more relaxed

We need to remember to take a step back when we’re stressed and try to see objectively if there is anything to be so stressed about. Maybe it’s just several things added up and caused us to feel under pressure. So try doing that along with trying to implement the tips we’ve listed above and you will notice how you become less worried.



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