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Each of us is an extraordinary and unforgettably exciting person. We have to embrace and show off our uniqueness because being yourself is the way to true happiness. That's why MARIEMUR is here - to help you celebrate your unique self.

We combine tender lace with high-quality leather and daring designs to help you feel more like, well, you. We believe tangling lingerie and bold accessories are about something more than looks. They're about self love and self care. Because, only when you're wearing the items that fit your identity, are you truly taking care of yourself. So don't be shy, add cheeky daring notes to your outfit!

MARIEMUR means celebrating your authentic self. We are here to make each day feel more special and each party more fun. Don't let your days be dull. Spice them up with bold looks!


MARIEMUR was born out of our desire to emphasize the authenticity of each person and help them fall in love with themselves as deep as possible. Keeping this wish in mind, our team of fervent designers and masterful artisans creates one-of-a-kind items that will frame your body most alluringly and bring out its unique beauty.


We believe that true beauty isn’t really about looks. It’s about the way we feel ourselves and the amount of love we have for ourselves. That’s why we create thoughtful designs that frame your body most alluringly giving you no other option than to fall in love with the way you look adorned with lace and leather. When we feel confident and beautiful, the world can’t help but admire us.

Every person is beautiful in their own way — there is no standard. Uniqueness is what makes each of us interesting, appealing, and enticing. And that’s what we want to make more prominent.


Self-expression through outfits is one of the best things we can do for ourselves. When the way we look matches the way we feel and vice versa, confidence and happiness become our loyal companions. That’s why we create both classic and daring designs — to let you find items that appeal to your authentic self.


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