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How to care for leather products
  • If your item is wet, dry it

Don’t let your leather accessory get soaked. If it gets wet, blot the excess moisture as quickly as possible with a paper towel or cloth. Don’t rub it! Then let your item rest and air dry. And keep it away from heat sources.

  • If your item gets too dry, feed it

Just like us, leather accessories need some moisturizer to remain soft and nice to the touch. Massage some leather conditioner into your item, or you can use a simple moisturizing cream as well. Just make sure it doesn’t leave spots.

  • If your item is dirty, clean it

Don’t let the leather soak up the dirt. Clean the item as soon as you can. Mix lukewarm water with a bit of mild soap and gently apply the mixture to leather with a soft cloth or sponge. Then take a clean damp cloth and remove all the soap. Finally, blot the excess moisture with paper towels or another clean dry cloth and let the item air dry.

How to store leather products

If your leather accessory is laying in your closet most of the time, first of all, try to figure out ways how to wear it more often! And while you’re thinking, put the item in a soft fabric bag. Keep it away from heat, humidity, sunlight, and dust.

Allergy information

To make sure the item serves you a long life we covered the edges with polyurethane paint and used premium-quality hardware that’s extremely durable. If you ever had the symptoms of metal hypersensitivity, we wouldn't recommend wearing leather products that include metal hardware.

  • Wash your bra after 2-3 wears
It’s not necessary to wash after each wear. But make sure it doesn’t get too dirty. So handwash it after a couple of wears to keep it in the best condition.
How to store lingerie products

Keep your underwear in a separate drawer. Make sure it is dry and far away from heat sources. You can lay out your panties and bras and let them take the space, or you can use special organizers. But avoid folding your bras! Let them rest being unfold.

Allergy information

Our lingerie products are made in a wide range of fabrics, including both natural and synthetic fabrics. Persons who know they are susceptible to an allergic reaction from some kinds of fabrics, please contact our Customer Care Team so that we will help you choose the best product depending on your preferences and allergy type.


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